A1. We are different from traditional providers for the following:
  • We are a project-based learning provider (Students are thought to graduate with a portfolio)
  • We let students do things rather than show them how things are done
  • We use recommended textbooks
  • We offer role play workshop
  • We provide student with simulation exam questions for practice
  • We offer sample practice questions and review them with students
  • Direct Line to instructors
  • Affordable rates, payment and flexible classes
  • Students can take a class twice the 2nd for free if seat is available
  • Great location and free parking
A2. We are a Vocational Project Based Institution with highly skilled seasoned IT professional certified in their respective fields. We are Certified to Operate by the State Council of Higher Education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our courses are certification focused to allow you to acquire the know-how and ability to take and pass Industry Certification Exams
A3. Depend on the concentration and commitment you will be given the support needed to understand basic IT concept re-enforcing you prior knowledge in other areas to boost your competency in understanding and interpreting IT concepts
A4. Classes are ongoing throughout the year, check our online calendar to see duration of our classes