This course teaches students about information security governance, information risk management, information security program management. It enables students to see information risk management as the basis of information security and know the tools how to use tools that mitigate some of the risk as they arise. Additionally, material on broader issues are included, such as how to govern information security, and information on practical issues, which include developing and managing information security program that enables quick and rapid respond to incidents and risk mitigation. This hands-on training course is designed to prepare students with the skills they need both to pass the CISM certification and be equipment to assume and maintain security management level positions.

Course Description

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification by ISACA was designed for cyber security management Personnel. This certification ensures that global cyber security and information assurance managers are equipped to prepare their organization with security and assurance best practices throughout all reaches of the organization that interact with any data systems. The CISM is ANSI accredited and has a global position as a leader in the field of information assurance management.


Certified Information Security Manager

Learning Outcome

Students will be prepared to:

Provide guidance, leadership, and training to information security employees
Review, implement, document, and update policies and procedures related to information security for the organization
Manage security audits and threat and vulnerability assessments
Direct responses to any network or system intrusions
Ensure that all legal and contractual information security are compliant with rules and regulations and communicating with executive management via compliance reports and audit findings
Detecting and preventing intrusion
Implement and manage strategies to protect network security overall
Manage the information security team and their everyday job expectations
Evaluate costs and budget for technology changes
Hire new staff and obtain new resources for future technology requirements and projects