Introduction to Database Administration covers:
  • Creating the Database Environment 
  • Database Change Management 
  • Performance Management
  • System Performance
  • Database Performance 
  • Application Performance 
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts

Course Description

It is the role of the IT professional to develop, deploy, manage and integrate data and information systems to support the organization. This knowledge area includes the collection, organization, modeling, transformation, presentation, safety and security of the data and information. This course covers a wide range of subjects in Database Administration. The students will have a hands-on training about installation, configuration, administration, performance, backup and recovery, and enterprise services of databases. 


Microsoft SQL Database 

Learning Outcome

              Students will be able to: 

              • Distinguish between data administration and database administration 
              • Explain the concept of system performance, backup and recovery 
              • Describe client-server database architecture 
              • Describe an n-tier database architecture 
              • Be able to design and implement computer-based system using DBMS.