Pre-Career Assessment

Pre-Career Assessment

Pre-Career Assessment

Individual career development is a three-step, self-assessment process with intent to match goals of individual to goals of job.  “We match people to jobs by;”

1.     identifying and organizing skills, interests, work-related needs and values

2.     Converting these inventories into general career fields and specific job goals.

3.     Testing these possibilities against the realities of the organization or the job market

Pre-Career Assessment includes ways to:

·       Develop observable evidence of ability

·       Uses internal supervisors to appraise

·       Builds managerial skills

·       Awareness of employees

·       Career counseling

·       Can become part of appraisal process

·       Develops mutual understanding as to realistic expectations

·       Career development workshops

·       Facilitate career development

·       Entry employees

LINXERVE experts on institutional approaches ensures Manager/employee understanding with provision of;

·       Continuing education and training

·       Help employer develop needed skills/talents

·       Important element in employee growth

·       Develop new skills

·       Provide varied experiences

·       Exposure to different managers

·       Executives

·       Middle managers