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Mock Interview

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At LINXERVE Academy we teach clients to demonstrate knowledge of how to prepare for a job interview. Use the Internet to locate jobs, send resumés, research organizations, locate interview advice, locate job openings, and get a job. We describe qualities that employers are seeking in applicants. We guide clients to develop a resumé that will highlight or illustrate your competencies and experiences for prospective employers.


We instruct clients on how to conduct oneself effectively in an employment interview.

The best preparation for success as a job hunter is to gain skills in speaking, organizing, thinking, researching, persuading, informing, listening, discussing, solving problems, making decisions, and using verbal and nonverbal communication. One of the most valuable tools when preparing for an employment interview is the Internet.


Preparing for an Interview


Preparation for an interview takes careful thought and planning and should include knowledge about the following:


·       Writing a resumé is one of the first steps and an important way to make a good impression of prospective employers.


·       Searching the job market requires motivation, energy, hard work, and careful preparation.


·       Researching the company via the Internet is a quick and easy way to find information about the company so you can answer and ask intelligent questions during the interview.


·       Developing Questions to ask the interviewer is one of the skills you need to learn to make a positive impression on prospective employers.


·       Your primary goal in dressing for an interview is to look and feel great and to project a professional image, fitting the position, when you go to the interview.


One of the best ways to practice interviewing is to have mock interviews. There are three ways to do this. First with the final draft of your résumé we ask you to play the role of recruiter or employer. We make certain you tell the person to ask tough questions that will cause you to think on your feet.


The second Mock Interview approach is that LINXERVE’S career centers will arrange mock interviews for students with professional recruiters. All that a student must do is update his or her résumé, research the companies doing the interviewing, and make an appointment. Some counselors at career centers conduct simulated job interviews and offer suggestions for improvement. (March 2, 2000). This is an online interactive interview where you pick the best of three answers and watch the interviewer’s face to see how well you’ve done.  After the interview, the site lets you know if you’ve been hired. (March 2, 2000).


The title of this web site is “Can you survive the mock interview and land a job?” The best answer here gets you 2 points, and a mediocre answer gets you 1 point. Without enough points, the site will show you the door.



Respondents’ Rankings on Importance of Competencies

In Hiring Decisions



Ranked #1

Ranked in Top 5

Weighted Score


Oral communication
























Human relations




Time management




Personal appearance




Written communication




Work experience








Academic performance




Basic computer













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