Advisory Board


LINXERVE Academy Advisory Board Members  are a consultative body that will ensure that the school functions within the law, both the "law of the land" and its own rule, regulations and other policies. Board members when appointed will exercise due care in all dealings with the school and its interest. This includes careful oversight of regulatory matters and reading of minutes, attention to issues that are of concern to the school and raise questions whenever there is something that seems unclear or questionable.


  • Ensure that all programs and activities seek to promote the school's vision, mission, values and purpose.
  • Support and provide good counsel to the Campus Director in the performance of his duties. 
  • Assist the Campus Director to provide effective organizational planning.
  • Support in raising funds and other logistics to support the programs of the Academy.
  • Assist in the review and strengthen the school's programs and services.
  • Enhance the school's public standing.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability