Academic Policies


LINXERVE Academy mission is to provide a unique entry level technology training program for individuals interested in improving their workforce skills set capacity, reduce the digital divide, and increase the livable wages for individuals in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

LINXERE Academy understands that there is an underserved population of students who do not want to attend a traditional two years – four-year college.  Many such students are faced with making career decisions that will provide ready source of employment and financial support. LINXERVE is positioned to prepare such students and adults who are ready for a career change into information technology.

LINXERVE shares the same philosophy by filling the gap for students to have an alternate vehicle to achieve their goals through concentrated hands on and post-secondary certifications prep programs.

LINXERVE Academy offers information technology program for students who are interested in transitioning into another career through higher education. We pride ourselves in creating an environment for students to have the opportunity to pass information technology certificate exams.  Our first endeavor is to assess students upon entering our program to determine their strengths and areas of focus. We also periodically assess students throughout the program to establish growth in desired outcomes and utilize best practices with measurable benchmarks. These steps ensure students are making strides that will enable them to reach their dream of acquiring jobs in information technology and employment.

LINXERVE Academy offers career change program based on information technology and computer skills. We pride ourselves in creating the opportunity and environment to foster effective learning and skills attainment. We do an initial assessment of each applicant and student to make recommendations on the proper placement and program.

The leadership of LINXERVE Academy is committed to excellent and thereby decided to go through the rigorous SCHEV certification process to obtain the mandate to operate the school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We strive to uphold the academic integrity of the Academy at all levels of operation as well as services rendered to our students and partners.

History and Objective

Mohamed K. Musa, the founder and CEO of LINXERVE Academy was an early adapter of technology with his tenure holding numerous technical and managerial positions his experience integrating IT and event technology implementations spanning over nineteen years.

Mohammed Musa has a deep interest in learning and teaching, he has devoted his time in helping others gain the necessary and required know-how to help them excel in the field of information technology.

 The announcement in 2019 of Amazon’s arrival in Northern Virginia provided a motivation for the establishment of LINXERVE Academy to provide the needed skills in information technology to support the many IT related jobs that AMAZON and other Companies brings to the region and the many job opportunities for many. LINXERVE Academy was transitioned from a purely IT consulting firm into a separate IT training institute to provide hands on training for established IT industry certificates. LINXERVE aspires to build a robust workforce pipeline with the region’s IT Companies.  

Our educational institution is established with a vision to serve society with quality vocational project based learning and technological innovations. We focus on predetermined goals knowing that every human being has a natural talent and our expert instruction and resources provide means to harness those hidden treasures within our fertile and conducive learning environment where each student can thrive at their own pace. In compliance with educational mission of the State of Virginia, we support promoting traditional, contemporary project-based means of education

To introduce career, focus educational pathway in the field of information technology and attainment of industry certifications for our students.

To provide learning and teaching environment that enables the acquirement of new knowledge to facilitate career change.

The purpose of the LINXERVE Academy is to facilitate and provide learning and teaching environment for post-secondary students and adults to prepare and successfully gain certification to secure IT related jobs and careers.

All students are required to have and carry an identity card.   Student ID cards are available for all students. Students can visit the Front Desk to have their pictures taken for their IDs after registration and learn about the benefits of the ID.

The school shall operate the following hours

  • Monday – Saturday 8.00 am -10.00 pm
  • Sunday - Closed

LINXERVE Academy is a private non degree school and not a public school. Due to the nature and schedule of our programs, we do not follow the public-school closing days or hours announced on TV or radio.  Call the school for any changes in schedule information when possible. When the school is closed due to a holiday or severe weather conditions, students will have the opportunity to attend a makeup class or classes as may be the case. Any closings after three days will be made up. Please be sure to check our website for the most updated information.

The instructor will collaborate with the Director of Academics to address any loss in instructional materials and will provide specific information for any make up classes.


LINXERVE Academy has adequate parking that is readily available at the back of the school building.  Parking lots are lighted and have clearly marked spaces for handicapped parking.

The Academy has four classrooms with easily accessible facilities that support all teaching and academic programs. Each classroom and computer lab is facilitated with wireless network. Classrooms are fully equipped with a projector, whiteboards/projection screens and access to high speed internet. In addition to the classroom’s students have access to a lounge area that can be used for breaks and networking.


LINXERVE Academy provides all year-round admissions.  LINXERVE academy does not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability or on any other basis outlined by applicable federal, state, and local law. All applicants must be over 18 years of age.

When ready to apply, applicants must bring the following:

  • One form of identification (State ID or Driver’s License, or Passport)

And in addition, a prospective student must present the following:

  • A certified copy of a High school diploma
  • Or GED or equivalent
  • Or Two-year college transcript
  • A signed completed Student Admission Application
  • A signed completed Student Enrollment Agreement with a $25.00 non-refundable fee
  • The necessary financial resources along with a valid ID
  • Record of secondary school level education from a foreign Institution (Transcript in English)

The deadline for submission of applications and fees is 30 days prior to the start of a program.

A prospective student will receive communication, either via email or letter for each application submitted. The communication will contain the school's official notification regarding their admission decision.

Students must:

  • Complete an application either in person OR via mail.
  • Undergo an oral interview if necessary, with a trained staff member to assist in identifying the right program.
  • Pay a non-refundable registration fee
  • Pay tuition and book fees as determined per course.




Students should:

  • Allow approximately one to two hours for the process.
  • Register a week in advance.
  • Receive a student identification number (to be used in all future transactions as a student of the Academy).

Students should carefully read and understand the student application. Once students sign and submit the completed forms, they are acknowledging by signing that they understand and will abide by our policies as students. Administrative staff members are available to assist students with the application form and the application process.

The following guidelines help to make registration smooth.

• All students must register at least 3 business days before the start of the new session.

• If a student leaves LINXERVE Academy for a period of four continuous classes or longer, he/she will need to register again, including filling out a new application, and maybe be asked to pay a new registration fee. 


The Campus Director or School Administrator is here to help students solve academic-related problems and make academic progress in their studies. They can recommend relevant courses to support students’ educational needs and plans, or help formulate appropriate schedules, evaluate academic progress, and help with problems concerning teachers or classes. The Campus Director or School Administrator can also discuss decision-making skills and self-evaluation strategies with students, inform them of internal and external resources available, explain school and governmental policies that affect students, help them make better decisions about their academic future, and provide overall help and support.

All coursework will be given a numerical grade, using the following scale:

















A record of each class work and homework submitted may be found on the school website. Students and lecturers may log in to the secure site to access grades.

Students will receive their grades or progress reports by email. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that the institution has a current email address.

Students who require a copy of their grades may submit that request to the Campus Director. The school will not release academic reports by telephone or to third parties.

LINXERVE seeks to maintain an environment where students have the following rights as it pertains to:

Academic and Administrative Policies whereby students can expect academic and administrative policies that support intellectual inquiry, learning and growth.

Due Process whereby students can expect due process for alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Due process includes reasonable notice of potentially adverse actions and an opportunity to be heard.

Education whereby students have access to quality faculty, academic technology, classrooms, online libraries, presentations and other resources necessary for the learning process.

Educational Resources whereby students can access high quality resources which support intellectual and social development.

Freedom of Expression whereby students can freely examine and exchange diverse ideas in an orderly manner inside and outside the classroom.

Freedom of Association whereby students can associate freely with other individuals, groups of individuals and organizations for purposes which do not infringe on the rights of others.

Freedom from Discrimination whereby students can expect to participate fully in the Institute without discrimination as defined by federal and state law and Institute regulations.

Grievance Process whereby students can access established procedures for respectfully presenting and addressing their concerns or complaints to the Institution.

Learning Beyond Formal Instruction whereby students can access a variety of activities beyond the classroom which support intellectual and personal development.

Participation whereby students have the right to participate or be represented by peers in influencing the Institution’s policies that affect them.

Personal Growth whereby students can study in a setting that fosters personal growth.

Privacy whereby students are free of unreasonable intrusions into personal records and/or matters relevant to their identity and well-being.

Professional Responses from Administration whereby students can expect timely and courteous responses from the Institution’s academic and administrative departments.

Safe Environment whereby students can function in their daily activities without unreasonable concerns for personal safety.

LINXERVE Academy does not accept transfer credits for course work completed at other institutions. Programs completed at LINXERVE Academy are not transferable to another institution.

Students who have worked in a field for more than 3 years can get credit for a first term course that is in a certification program or be encouraged to take a more appropriate program comparable to their certification.


Students seeking readmission to the school must submit an application to the Campus Director for review by the Administration. Students applications are considered on a case-by-case basis by the administration and must present compelling evidence of success, both in terms of academic and social conduct

A student so dismissed for academic reasons may be readmitted upon formal application to administration. Such an application should give evidence of promise to complete his/her program. If the application is approved, readmission will be probationary for a period of one semester only. Upon failure of another class the student will be dismissed for a second time; a second dismissal will be final and no application for readmission will be entertained. Any student who is readmitted will fall under the General Academic Requirements of the incoming class.

Late work is generally not accepted unless a class-wide extension is given. If you believe you will need extra time, please make your request prior to the deadline. Not all requests for extensions will be honored.

All courses within the program requires students to successfully complete program with a 70% cumulative average or higher. The stand-alone courses require that students successfully complete courses with a 60% or higher grade. Students are encouraged to participate in exam preparations review programs in class and outside.

Students that have a complaint or grievance are required to complete a grievance form and submit it to Administration. Upon receipt of the complaint or grievance, the student shall be contacted by Administration within 2 business days. Grievance form is available at the Front Desk and on the company’s website:

If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of any decision made by the LINXERVE Academy governing body, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) is a student’s last resort in the grievance process. Students can mail their grievances to the following address:

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, 101. N. 14TH Street. 10th Floor, James Monroe Building. Richmond VA.23219 or call 1-804 225 2600 for support and assistance.


Student(s) have the right to contact the Campus Director to complain or submit a grievance without fear of retaliation and without being subjected to unfair action and/or treatment by any school official as a result of the initiation of a complaint.


LINXERVE reserves the right to dismiss or suspend any student for any of the reasons:

  1. Academic deficiencies:
  2. Conduct deemed to be detrimental to the interests of the school.

In such cases neither the school nor any of its staff shall be under any liability whatsoever for such dismissal or suspension.

Students who are enrolled in a certificate program and fail to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 1.50 will be placed on academic probation until their grade point average reaches a minimum of 2.0. Students shall be placed on probation only after they have attempted 12 clock hours in a term. Students are taken off academic probation when their grade point average reaches a minimum of 2.0. The student will be duly notified by the school of such a decision. A student who fails to achieve good standing by the end of the probationary period will be dismissed from the school.

Students who do not maintain a 2.0 average after being reinstated from being on an academic probation will be suspended from the LINXERVE Academy program. Students must be reinstated from academic suspension in order to resume classes.

Once a student is reinstated from academic suspension, the student must earn a 2.00 GPA for the current term in which they have been reinstated. The student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for the remainder of the program.

Students, who do not achieve a 2.0 average after being placed on academic suspension from the previous term, will be dismissed from the program.

Class Expectations & Graduation

All students are expected to be present and on time for all classroom lectures. Attendance is monitored for all class sessions and is recorded as actual time attended. The following are expected by all students duly registered and active in any class. Student graduate and receive a certificate of completion when the maintain a 2.0 GPA at the end of their program. Graduation is dependent on meeting expectations outlined below and maintaining a 2.0 GPA.

  • Complete and turn in assignments on time
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Participate in workshops and group work
  • Participate in exam prep &practice question reviews
If classes are canceled, you are required to check our school notice board to see assignment details. LINXERVE Academy as stated is a privately-owned school and does not follow public announcements of school closure. Announcements for any closures shall be via emails, notice board or text messages to students and faculty.


A file is kept for each student, which includes the application, and all student grades and admission information. Such information is maintained by the school for a period of five years from the last day of attendance.  Student transcripts are kept on file permanently and are protected from fire, theft and other perils

LINXERVE Academy maintains student records regarding attendance, grades, admissions, program completion, suspension & disciplinary actions. Student information will be retained for the life of the institution.

Requests for copies of student records should be submitted to administration in writing or in person. Records will not be released if there is a current financial hold on file.

Students have the right to review their files upon request. No one is permitted access to these files except administrative staff using them in the fulfillment of their normal job duties or instructors who have a legitimate academic interest in the records (with permission from the Campus Director, Director of Student Affairs, or Director). Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and/or other government officials may also review files as part of a school inspection. Other than the above-mentioned persons, access to student information is strictly restricted to those individuals or organizations for which the student has authorized access, via a signed consent form. We maintain the integrity, privacy and confidential of student record in compliance with state regulation.

Consent must be specific as to which records are to be released, the reasons for the release, and to whom the records are to be released. Student records may be disclosed in an emergency when the health or safety of the student or others is concerned with the expressed permission of the Director.


Students enrolling at LINXERVE Academy assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner that is civil and compatible with the Academy’s function as an educational entity. Applying to LINXERVE Academy represents a voluntary decision on the student’s part to participate in the programs offered by the institution pursuant to its policies, rules, and regulations. Violating any LINXERVE Academy core values may lead to disciplinary action

Every student will be an outstanding member of the institutional community as well as a good citizen of the world community. Our philosophy states that LINXERVE Academy will make every effort to resolve disciplinary issues in an informal environment.

Students who enroll at LINXERVE Academy accept all applicable policies, procedures and acknowledge the right for LINXERVE Academy to take action, up to and including suspension or expulsion in response to misconduct. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the student code of conduct. Lack of awareness is no excuse for noncompliance with LINXERVE Academy policies and procedures.

Students are expected to behave as responsible adults while enrolled at LINXERVE Academy where its classes are held. This means participating actively and professionally in class meetings and being respectful to your peers and faculty at the Academy. Any student who causes a classroom disruption will be asked to leave. This will be counted as an absence. Any repeated offenses will result in deduction of participation points and may result in being withdrawn from the class.

There is no smoking on school property. However, students are allowed to smoke cigarettes in designated areas outside the school.

Dress Code and Personal Appearance Policy
All students are to be encouraged to dress as professionals or avoid any dressings that is provocative and offensive to others. Students must be mindful of others sensitivity as regards their religious beliefs and practices; ethnicity and race etc.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a constructive learning atmosphere, disruptive and distracting behavior will not be tolerated (this includes texting). Any student who is interfering with classroom learning will be asked to leave. Your cell phone is not to go off in class. Please set it to vibrate. If either your phone or your laptop becomes a distraction (through noises, fiddling with power cords, twitter, etc.) you will be asked to leave.

Repeated offenses will result in the deduction of participation points and may result in being withdrawn from class. See the Probation, Dismissal & Readmission section for more information.

Academic dishonesty is unacceptable: The first time a student submits an assignment demonstrating evidence of academic dishonesty, the student will receive a grade of “0” on the assignment and may be recorded in a LINXERVE Academy database. Any student found to have committed a second act of academic dishonesty will fail the course in which the instance occurred and may be referred to the Administration for additional sanctions which can include suspension or dismissal from LINXERVE Academy. Official sanctions become part of a student’s academic record.

Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to: “Cheating on a test or quiz, including giving, receiving, or soliciting information and the unauthorized use of notes or other materials during a test or quiz. Buying, selling, stealing, or soliciting any material purported to be the unreleased contents of a forthcoming examination, and/or the use of such material. Substituting for another person during an examination or allowing such substitution for oneself

The most common form of academic dishonesty is plagiarism. Plagiarism is any act wherein you do not properly acknowledge the thoughts or words of another or attempt to present those thoughts or words as your own. This includes submission of written work other than one’s own.” Also note that “Collusion with another person in the preparation or editing of assignments submitted for credit, unless such collaboration has been approved in advance by the instructor” is a form of academic dishonesty.

All work submitted must be produced by the student for a specific course. Submitting work done for another class is unacceptable. If there are questions about academic dishonesty, please see your instructor before submitting an assignment.


Class attendance is required in all programs the student is enrolled in as classes are a very important part of the learning process. Students who miss 25% or more of a course will receive a grade of FA (Failure due to Attendance) in the course.


All students must be on time for scheduled classes. Unless there is a severe weather condition such as a snowstorm, students will be considered tardy if they arrive twenty minutes after the start of class. Students arriving 30 minutes after the start of class may not be allowed into class until after the break. Being tardy three times equals one absence and will affect the attendance/participation grade.

A student may request a leave of absence in writing, signed and dated with a reason. LINXERVE Academy will respond within 14 calendar days of receiving the request. There will be no fee assessed for the time the student is on leave of absence. The approved leave of absence should not exceed 180 calendar days in any 12-month period. Upon return from a leave of absence, the student is permitted to complete the course work he/she began prior to their leave.

If a student does not return on or before the approved return date, LINXERVE Academy must treat the leave of absence as a withdrawal. The date the leave of absence was approved shall be considered the last date of attendance for refund purposes. Please see the refund table below.

Proportion of Total Program Taught by Withdrawal Date

Tuition Refund

Less than 25%

75% of program cost

25% up to but less than 50%

50% of program cost

50% up to but less than 75%

25% of program cost

75% or more

No Refund


All students are expected to pay tuition at the time of registration and or three (3) business days before start of class.

The school accepts the following forms of payments; cash, US personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). 

Installment Payment Plan Policy

All Students are expected to may full payment at registration and eligible to participate in our extended payment plan. This plan allows the student to make half the payment at registration and split the balance of the payment into two installment payments. First payment due one month from initial payment and two weeks after 3rd payment. If 1st payment is made by July 1st the 2nd payment is due August 1st and final payment is due August 15th.

Special promotions are sometimes offered to new students. Please be sure to read the details of the promotion to take optimum advantage as they may be temporary.


All Programs require a $25.00 Registration fee that is not refundable. The student may choose to cancel their enrollment without penalty except for the $25.00 application fee for up to three (3) business days after their registration and before the start of their first class.

If a student enrolls and withdraws or is discontinued after submission of the first completed lesson assignment, but prior to the completion of the program, minimum refunds shall be calculated as follows:

a. A student that enters the school but withdraws or is terminated during the first quartile (25%) of the program should be entitled to minimum refund of 75% of the cost of the program.

b. A student that enters the school but withdraws or is terminated during the second quartile (more than 25% but less than 50%) of the program should be entitled to a minimum refund of 50% of the cost of the program.

c. A student who withdraws or is terminated during the third quartile (more than 50% but less than 75%) of the program should be entitled to a minimum refund of 25% of the cost of the program.

d. A student who withdraws after completing more than three quartiles (75%) of the program shall not be entitled to refund.

Expenses incurred by the student for instructional supplies, tools, activities, library, rentals, service charges, deposits, and all other expenses are charged for separately.

Refunds for Books and Materials and other Expenses:

Once received by the student, books and other materials are the property of the student. Once distributed, the school does not accept merchandise returns and makes no refunds for these items

LINXERVE Academy accepts tuition and fee payments via credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), cashier check or money order. Please note that credit and debit card payments may be assessed a processing fee by the financial institution processing payments.

If an applicant or student enrolls in classes that are not covered under the terms of their tuition assistance, the student or applicant must either replace the courses with courses that are eligible or assume financial responsibility to pay the total amount of tuition and fees due for the courses that are not covered by the tuition assistance.

Please make sure that your total amount due for eligible classes is covered by anticipated funding or some other form of payment.

LINXERVE Academy administrative personnel are available to provide support services to applicants and students in a kind and professional manner.

Each student must sign an agreement to guarantee payment for all enrolled courses. Students or applicants who need additional payment assistance should make an appointment to discuss LINXERVE Academy Tuition Plan.

Payment deadlines are set one month or 30 days prior to the start of the term for students using LINXERVE Academy Tuition Plan and students that have tuition paid by a third party. If a class starts on August 30th, payment for the class is due by July 30th. All payments are due by 5 p.m. of the due day. Any late payments/arrangements must be first discussed with the Campus Director for approval.

Proportion of Total Program Taught by Withdrawal Date

Tuition Refund

Less than 25%

75% of program cost

25% up to but less than 50%

50% of program cost

50% up to but less than 75%

25% of program cost

75% or more

No Refund


Students may voluntarily drop from a program prior to the start date.  (Which is the day after the 2nd class meeting)? If the class is not canceled by the announced date, please make sure that your total amount due for eligible classes is covered by anticipated funding or some other form of payment. LINXERVE Academy administrative personnel are available to provide support services to applicants and students in a kind and professional manner.

Students who register for classes and pay tuition with a credit card or debit card will receive a refund back to the card used. Students who sign up for direct deposit will receive a refund into the bank account on file.

LINXERVE Academy has contracted a financial agency to process electronic payments and tuition refunds to students. Electronic refunds should be available approximately six business days after the refund request has been approved. Traditional check refunds that are mailed may take up to 14 business days to arrive at your postal address.

NOTE: Please verify that the Administration has your current name, address and date of birth correct in your record and on your LINXERVE Academy refund request application. All future refunds will be processed the same way unless you update your refund preference with Administration staff.

A student may request a refund or forgiveness of debt after the last date to add or drop a course because of one of these special circumstances:

  • Medical issue that prevents you from attending class and continuing your studies
  • Student death or the death of an immediate family member
  • Administrative error made by LINXERVE Academy
  • Extreme financial hardship
  • National emergency which is declared by the President of our United States

Students may be eligible for a tuition refund or forgiveness of debt under the following special circumstances:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Psychiatric or Psychological Emergency
  • Death
  • LINXERVE Academy Administrative Error
  • Extreme Financial Hardship
  • National Emergency or Mobilization
Note: Your request must be submitted within 90 days of the qualifying occurrence date. If a special circumstances refund is approved; a prorated refund may be issued. Please review the refund table below for additional information. There are no refunds provided once 75% of the program has been completed.


All certification-based programs offered have a minimum requirement of a high school diploma or GED. Our certification programs are industry based and we prepare students to acquire the skill sets to pass such Exams. Some programs may require students to demonstrate additional competencies by completing a short test. All programs require prerequisites for admission into the class.

In accordance with its mission and goals, LINXERVE Academy strives to maintain a supportive, helpful environment and promotes innovation in its academic support services. This learning-centered environment is evident in the broad range of academic support services available to students and faculty, as outlined below.

Student-Centered Academic Support Services

Student-centered academic support services at LINXERVE include the following:

· Services coordinated by the Campus Director

· Academic advising & Career day events meeting with hiring officials 

· Mentoring

· Tutoring and academic skills workshops

· Targeted support for specific student population


Academic Advising & Career advising

Student at LINXERVE Academy can seek advice from Faculty, School Administrator or Campus Director. Students are encouraged to openly communicate with our staff throughout their educational time at LINXERVE Academy. When applicable, an advisor may seek out a student to properly orient them to their degree progress and path.

Student can get advice on course and program selection and other academic related services. In addition to that students are advised about current hiring trends, are encouraged to attend Career day events to meet with potential employees and participate on career skill workshop programs

Job Placement Opportunity:

This is a paid service to students, the school partners with third party recruiting Companies to go through extensive recruiting process, that involve resume, writing, interview prep, job placement and post-employment support. This service is not available to our regular students is a paid service to students who can afford to acquire the service.

Method of Deliver: Instructor-Led

Hands-on instruction by a certified instructor

Includes all course materials

On-site Testing

Practice Exam


Student lounges and the kitchen areas available to all staff and students and should be used for eating and/or socializing. Students should keep the lounge & kitchen areas clean. Please see the floor plan to find the exact location.

Students have access to two filtered hot and cold-water coolers throughout the building. The Front Desk should be notified if the machines are not working properly.

The Student Library is located in Suite 305B. Students are encouraged to make full use of the library. If students would like to borrow a book, please take it to the Front Desk for checkout. Additional access to other online libraries is being worked on to benefit the students.

Students can use the school’s computer library. The computers in the lab have internet access and can be used for research and homework preparation. They are also used to conduct evaluations at the beginning and end of every session. The first-floor lab is also used as an official testing center. The labs are open to students during office hours. All students must always follow the lab rules:

  • No eating or drinking inside the lab
  • Do not enter the lab when classes or tests are in session in the lab
  • Observe the 10-minute limit during break to allow all students to use the computers
  • Do not change settings on any of the computers (including language settings)
  • Do not attempt to repair any machine
  • Do not install/uninstall software from any of the computers
  • Inform the lab staff if there is a problem with a machine

There are no fees for using the lab and in addition no fees for personal activities, such as e-mail or chatting. However, we may limit the usage time to half an hour per session when there are other students waiting. Keep in mind that LINXEVRE Academy offers free wireless Internet connection for all its students, and those who have laptops are encouraged to use it.

Not following the computer lab rules or not following the instructions of the lab staff will result in suspension of computer lab privileges.

The Office of the Director of Student Financial Services manages all students’ requests both administrative and financial. Student Services Administrator’s office is located in the main office near the Front Desk. She/he is there to answer students’ questions about the school and any other students concerns as relates to academic and financial.

Students may obtain a certificate of completion for their studies. The request should be made one week in advance at the Front Desk. Twice a year, LINXERVE Academy will hold an official Certificate of Completion Celebration for students who have successfully completed its programs. 

The Campus Director upon request provide students with letters for official institutions, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), letters of legal status, proof of payment, USCIS letters, transcript letters, and transfer letters. Students should allow five to seven business days for these letters to be processed.

A student who violates the rules of the school will receive a warning letter, which will remain in the student’s file, from the Curriculum Developer, Student Services Administrator, and/or Director. However, if such violations persist and become severe, and all other interventions have been exhausted, the student will be dismissed, and visa students will be put out of status at the same time.


LINXERVE Academy wants to ensure that its students receive a quality academic experience within a professional context, so the school respects student opinions, suggestions, and complaints.

Students’ informal complaints are based on minor problems that do not have an immediate effect on the student’s academic achievement, personal comfort and safety, or on the decision for a student to continue studying at the school.

Students who wish to make an informal complaint can file one on the school’s website or fill out a form, located at the Front Desk. The Student Services staff will collect these and distribute them to the appropriate personnel for consideration. Students can also talk to the Student Services Administrator (or any other relevant administrative staff) in person to report their informal complaint.

 Students’ formal complaints usually have an immediate effect on the student’s academic achievement, personal comfort and safety, or the decision for a student to continue studying at the school.

A Formal Complaint must be in writing and contain:

The grievant(s)’s name, student identification number (if applicable), and contact information, including email address

  • The name(s) of the respondent(s)
  • A detailed description of the nature of the grievance and the actual harm suffered by the student
  • A detailed description of attempts at informal resolution
  • A detailed description of the relief sought
  • Signature of complainant(s)
  • Date of grievance submission

If the grievant(s) wishes to appeal the grievance decision, the student must submit an appeal to the Governing Board along with the Campus Director’s, administrator’s, or designee’s written response to previous resolution attempts within ten (10) work days of receiving the decision, or if no decision was issued, no later than ten (10) work days after the applicable decision deadline.

The student must initiate a complaint no later than thirty (30) workdays after the alleged incident. The student may be aided by the HR Manager in following procedures correctly. The Campus Director or designee receiving the complaint shall attempt to resolve the matter and report the decision, in writing, to the complainant(s) and respondent(s) via their email address within fifteen (15) workdays of receiving the complaint. If the complaint is about a grade, please see the Grading Policy

The student must initiate a complaint no later than thirty (30) workdays after the alleged incident. The student may be aided by the HR Manager in following procedures correctly. The Campus Director or designee receiving the complaint shall attempt to resolve the matter and report the decision, in writing, to the complainant(s) and respondent(s) via their email address within fifteen (15) workdays of receiving the complaint. If the complaint is about a grade, please see the Grading Policy

All complaints received by the school shall be addressed with confidentiality and promptness as regards the issues. No complainant will be subjected to any form of retaliation or abuse by a faculty member, student and administrator.

“The established grievance process of the school, which shall indicate that students should follow this process and may contact council staff to file a complaint about the school as a last resort. The written policy shall include a provision that students will not be subjected to adverse actions by any school officials as a result of initiating a complaint. Contact information as follows:

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, 101. N. 14TH Street. 10th Floor, James Monroe Building. Richmond VA.23219 or call 1-804 225 2600 for support and assistance.

Speed: The resolution of Formal Student Complaints will occur as quickly as possible.

Fairness: Administrators will do their best to reach a fair and acceptable resolution.

Honesty: Formal Student Complaints are a serious matter, so students and administrators should be as truthful as possible in their reporting.

Conflict-Resolution: The Formal Complaint Procedure is intended to resolve conflicts. It is not intended to lay blame, assign punishment, or create more conflict. While the needs and concerns of students are important, administrators will likewise be sensitive to the needs of other personnel or students who are involved in the case.

Record Keeping: The school maintains records of formal student complaints for future reference and self-reviews. A copy of the complaint and the resolution is kept in both the student’s file and the school’s formal complaint file, and another copy is forwarded to the Director.

Confidentiality: Formal complaints, as well as the resolution of such complaints, are considered confidential. Only the Director, those parties involved in the resolution of the complaint, and other administrators involved in the case will be able to access the complaint files.

Please note that lodging complaints will not affect students’ status, evaluation, or treatment at LINXERVE Academy.