Introduction to Web Design

Introduction to Web Design

Course Overview

This course will teach students about the basics of web design, web design fundamentals, webfonts, cascading style sheets, introduction to grid structures, forms and icons, and positioning and resources.

Course Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes

CompTIA Certification

Security +

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 1          Introduction

Module 2 Basics of Web Design

Module 3 Web Design Fundamentals

Module 4 Webfonts

Module 5 Cascading Style Sheets

Module 6 Introduction to Grid Structures

Module 7 Forms and Icons

Module 8 Positioning and Resources

Course Learning Syllabus

Topics Covered

 Introduction Lecturer Introduction

Importance of this course

What you will learn in this course

Basics of Web Design

What is CSS and HTML?

Your First HTML File

Introduction to Document Layout

Linking In A Stylesheet

Styling Your First Element

Web Design Fundamentals

The Box Model

Introduction to Developer Tools

Understanding Display Types

Project: Create a CSS Button

Using CSS Selectors

Using Floats

Styling Links

Using Clearfix

Working With Images

Validating HTML and CSS


Understanding Webfonts

Webfonts, Google Fonts and API

Cascading Style Sheets

Understanding Cascading Style Sheets

Vendor Prefixes

Project: Create a Color Changing Profile Image

Introduction to Grid Structures

Basic Website Layout

Choosing a Grid Framework

Grids and Responsive Design

Forms and Icons

Working with Forms

Using Font Icons

Understanding Sprite Sheets

Project: Create a Comment List

Positioning and Resources


CSS Resources

Final Project: Design a Real Website

Project Introduction

Adding Our Graphics

Building Our Site

Validating Our Site