Course Overview

This course will teach students about building a simple network, establishing internet connectivity, managing network device security, building a medium-sized network, and IPv6.

Course Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes

CompTIA Certification

Security +

Associate Level


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 1  Introduction

Module 2 Building a Simple Network

Module 3 Establishing Internet Connectivity

Module 4 Managing Network Device Security

Module 5 Building a Medium-Sized Network

Module 6 Introducing IPv6

Module 7 Conclusion

Course Learning Syllabus







Lecturer Introduction

Importance of this course

What you will learn in this course

Building a Simple Network


ü   Networking Functions


ü   Network Connections


ü   Components of a Network


ü   Looking at a Network Diagram


ü   Applications Found on the Network


ü   Design Issues of a Network


ü   Physical Topology Types


ü   Logical Topologies


ü   Summary



ü   Understanding the Host-to-Host Communications Model


ü   Examples of Host-to-Host Communications


ü   OSI Reference Model


ü   The TCP/IP Stack


ü   The Encapsulation Process


ü   Data De-Encapsulation


ü   Communicating Peer-to-Peer


ü   Summary



ü   Introducing LANs


ü   Describing the LAN


ü   Components of the LAN


ü   Understanding the Collision Domain


ü   About the Switch


ü   Summary



ü   Introduction to the IOS


ü   Why the IOS


ü   Basic Functions of the IOS


ü   The User EXEC Mode


ü   Privileged EXEC Mode


ü   Getting CLI Help


ü   Example of Using Context-Sensitive Help


ü   Example Error Messages


ü   Managing IOS Configurations


ü   Viewing the Running-Config


ü   Viewing the Startup-Config


ü   Managing Cisco IOS Configuration


ü   Managing the IOS Configuration


ü   Copy Options


ü   E-MACS


ü   Improving the Use of the CLI